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Classroom Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Activities for KIDS

Have your own classroom party! To help you with these ideas, be sure to visit the ideas and resources on our main Super Bowl page. (Just use your back button.)

For the crafts and food, ask parent volunteers to bring in dishes of food and needed craft supplies.

To help make sure that everyone knows the rules of the game, teach students about the basics of football. You may want to enlist the help of your PE teacher for this.

Have students visit some of the web sites on the main Super Bowl page to learn more about the game. You may also want to provide them with resources to learn about the two cities and/or states that are competing in the game. Using the Sports Illustrated for kids site you can have students collect and analyze data on players and/or the game.

Clothing and decorations...have students create banners and posters for the two teams that are playing. On the day of your party, have students wear anything related to football.

Finally, the big game! You could do this a couple of different ways. First, have students play their own game. (Once again, get help from your PE teacher.) Second, you could have a student bring in their video game system and have the two teams who will be playing in the actual game square off against each other. Have students rotate through the controllers so everyone gets a turn.
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Do you have additional ideas or activities that could help teachers? We would love to post them on The Teacher's Corner. Please contact us and let us know about them!