Smokin' Pumpkin Haunted House

1. Cut off the top of a large pumpkin; use an ice cream scoop to remove seeds and membrane.
2. For door, cut out a rectangle on one side of pumpkin (save).
3. For windows, cut out one square on each side of the door (save).
4. Trim door and window pieces to a 1/2' thickness.
5. For window panes in door, cut and remove rectangular pieces from door.
6. For window panes in windows, score and cut ONLY outer shell of pumpkin.

7. Place pumpkin on aluminum-covered plywood.
8. Replace door and windows in pumpkin so they are slightly open.
9. For doorknob, use toothpick to attach black olive.
10. Carve or decorate small pumpkins; place next to large pumpkin.
11. For spooky smoke (mist), place can inside large pumpkin; fill can halfway with hot water. Drop chunks of dry ice into water.
(Caution: Protect hands when working with dry ice.)

To make ghosts for "Haunted House"
1. Shape facial tissue into a small ball for head.
2. Drape two tissues over head.
3. Gather tissue at neck; tie with ribbon.
4. Draw eyes and mouth on face with marker.
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