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Christmas Christmas is a holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, a spiritual leader of the Christian faith, and believed by Christians to be the Son of God.


Christmas takes place on the 25th of December.

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  • Pattern Recognition Skills - Seasonal Color by Number Grades PreK-K-1st **NEW**
    Christmas Crossword 1Patterns help students understand how things are organized and can make things look interesting. Ultimately, patterns make our tasks simpler. These fun and engaging printables are designed to reinforce pattern recognition skills while encouraging independent learning and critical thinking. Students decode the numbers based on completing a pattern, while the color by number activity refines fine motor skills. Utilize this resource in the early elementary grades to practice or assess skills in pattern recognition. You can purchase individual resources from The Teacher's Corner Store, or grab the entire Winter Bundle!
  • Candy Cane Recipe Grades Any
    A fun and tasty class activity.
    Submitted by: Unknown
  • Celebrate an Australian Christmas Grades Any
    A great lesson that is base on Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning. This lesson could easily be altered to fit any country.
    Submitted by: Janelle Standish janelle_s@email-removed
  • Christmas Crosswords Grades Any
    These crosswords were created entirely using our popular free crossword maker. Download these PDF's by clicking on them or make your own in seconds!
    Christmas Crossword 1 Christmas Crossword 2 Christmas Crossword 3 Christmas Crossword
    Christmas Crosswords: KEY 1, KEY 2, KEY 3, KEY 4
  • Christmas Stained-Glass Windows Grades Any
    A colorful Christmas craft.I use this activity as an art activity that the students do on their own. You need to copy coloring book type pictures for the students to use. Follow the steps listed:
    1. Wrap a paper plate or cardboard the size of the desired picture with aluminum foil that has been crinkled up. (unfold it carefully so it doesn't tear) Tape foil to the back.
    2. Tape the pictures to the work table.
    3. Tape a piece of clear saran wrap over the top of the picture.
    4. Outline the picture with a black permanent marker.
    5. Use permanent markers to color the picture.
    6. When the picture is finished, wrap the saran wrap around the foil wrapped board and tape it down.
    7. Hang with colored yarn.
    Submitted by: Kim Keebaugh KKeebaugh@email-removed
  • Christmas Word Searches Grades Any
    These word searches were created entirely using our popular free word search maker. Download these PDF's by clicking on them or make your own in seconds!
    Christmas Crossword 1 Christmas Crossword 2 Christmas Crossword 3 Christmas Crossword
    Christmas Word Search Keys: KEY 1, KEY 2, KEY 3, KEY 4
  • Dough Ornament Science Grades 3+
    Make bread dough - and this is science!
    I have them use a recording sheet to note all the observable changes, and it is written as a science experiment. Do all the steps as if you were making bread (rising, punching down and rising again after the bears have been shaped). Then, the fun stuff. We make 'teddy bear' ornaments which can be kept for years. Here is how:

    Each child gets a 'ball' of dough about the size of a tennis ball or smaller. Cut it in half. One half is for the round body. The other half gets 'halved' again. Half of the half, (or quarter) is for the head (we are into fractions here now). Make the head nice and round. Using a tad of water, join and pinch. The 1/4 left is now halved again. One of the 1/4s is for the two ears. One of the 1/4s is for the four paws (the bear is facing you, 4 paws toward you). Use cloves for the eyes and the belly button and a little piece of roundish dough for the snout. Put a hole through the top by inserting a paper clip before baking. When baked, allow to dry gradually, otherwise they will crack. Put a towel over the trays of bears. When dry, they should be sprayed with a shiny acrylic and they look like they just came out of the oven and are 'buttered'. Put a little ribbon around the neck and you have darling ornaments.
    Submitted by: Joyce boudreau@email-removed
  • Christmas Word Scramble Grades Any
    These word scrambles were created entirely using our popular free word scramble maker. Download these PDF's by clicking on them or make your own in seconds!
    Christmas Crossword 1 Christmas Crossword 2 Christmas Crossword 3 Christmas Crossword
    Christmas Word Search Keys: KEY 1, KEY 2, KEY 3, KEY 4
  • Gingerbread Playdough Grades Any
    1 cup flour
    1/2 cup salt
    2 tsp. cream of tartar
    1 cup water
    1 tsp. veg. oil
    lots of cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, whatever!
    (the recipe called for food coloring, red and green to make brown, but I didn't need any after I threw in my spices.)

    Mix the dry ingredients. Play with the spices till you get the scent you want and the color. Mix water and oil together first and THEN add them to the dry ingredients and stir. In a pot, cook the mixture for two to three minutes, stirring frequently. The dough will start to pull away from the sides of the pan and clump together. Take the dough out of the pan and knead the dough until it becomes soft and smooth. Allow to cool and store in an air tight container. ENJOY!!
    Submitted by: Unknown
  • Gingerbread Sites & Resources Grades Any
    Find some great links and a variety of gingerbread resources!
    Submitted by: Krista - APool37253@email-removed
  • Holiday Recipe Book Grades 3+
    A fun way to collect student's favorite recipes, create a great gift, and get computer instruction while working! The students bring in their favorite recipe/recipes and they type them on the computer (word-processing practice). We even put Christmas/Holiday clip art (more computer training) on each page. The students enjoy doing this and learn at the same time. They learn to save to disk and save their disks to put in their portfolios at the end of the year.
    Submitted by: Susan suefel@email-removed
  • Pine Cone & Cinnamon Reindeer Grades Any
    An inexpensive and fun project for your kids. They can gather all the supplies! Take pine cones and use them with cinnamon sticks to make reindeer.... Use a large cone for the body...attach 4 sticks as legs with a glue gun (works best), use a small cone for the head...glue it to body...use those small eyes one can purchase at a craft store or WalMart...and use small red pom-pom for its nose...Use tiny twigs for antlers...they come out really cute! Cheap and very simple and easy! The kids could use them as they are or create a diorama for them to be placed in.
    Submitted by: Marcia m2teach@email-removed
  • Smashed Pop Can Ornament Grades Any
    A creative ornament that uses your old cans! Press on the top and bottom of a clean aluminum can to turn them in the same direction. Next, place the can on a sidewalk and smash flat with your foot. The smashed can should result in a rounded square with the top and bottom of the can on the same side. Spray paint both sides of the can the color of your choice. When the paint dries, decorate the flat side of the can with Christmas wrapping paper cut-outs, stickers, collage materials, or glitter designs. Fasten a yarn loop around the can's tab on the back side of the ornament. These are a great recycling project, very inexpensive, and look terrific on a Christmas tree.
    Submitted by: Mary Jo Gibbs Pre-school teacher
  • Sock Snowmen Grades Any
    A fun holiday craft idea that makes a great gift.
    Submitted by: Sue Bowman
  • Christmas Journal & Activity Pages
    FREE printable Christmas journal & activity pages...over 50 to chose from! (PDF format)
  • Christmas Coloring Pages
    Lots of coloring pages that you can print and color!
  • December Bulletin Boards Grades Various
    Be sure to visit our December Bulletin Board page! You may also find other helpful boards on the Winter page as well.
  • Christmas Crossword Puzzle
    Create your own Crossword or use our premade Christmas word/clue list.
  • Christmas Word Search
    Create your own or use our Christmas word list.
  • Christmas Word Scramble
    Create your own custom list or use our Christmas word list.

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