Sock Snowmen

Materials needed:
Clean white crew socks (have the students bring these from home)
Large bag of uncooked white rice
Plastic bags - optional
pom pom balls-(assorted), googly eyes, buttons, yarn

To assemble: Fill the sock approximately 2/3 full with rice. If you are keeping these for many years, you may want to put the rice in the large plastic bags that you use to put your fresh produce in at the grocery store. This keeps out bugs.

Tie the snowman with white yarn half way up the sock to create the division between the head and the main body part. The tie the sock an additional 1/4 of the way up (at the 3/4 mark) of the sock. There should be less rice stuffing in the head so that it is slightly smaller than the body.

Fold over the top of the sock. This makes the hat. Crew socks with the colored stripe across the top part makes a nice hat "rim" color.

Decorate the face and buttons of the snowman with the "eyes", buttons, sewn yarn or pom pom balls. If gluing on you can either use a low melt glue gun or tacky glue. If there is a hole in the sock, stitch on a colorful patch-really cute. These make super bazaar sellers if you are doing some kind of a fund raiser at your school.
Submitted by: Sue Bowman

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