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Valentine's Day Activities and Lesson Plans

The Valentine's Day seasonal pages will provide you with great lessons, activities, and resources to help speak the language of love. Ideas within this section include: thematic units, craft ideas, and individual lesson plans.

Your creativity can help other teachers. Submit your Valentine's Day activity today. Don't forget to include additional resources-documents, web sites, or a photo.

New Activities

Valentines DayValentine's Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world. For most English speaking countries, it is a day where people send gifts or Valentine's to their loved one.

Valentine's Day is on:
February 14th

Check our February Events Calendar for more important dates
  • Pattern Recognition Skills - Valentine's Color by Number Grades PreK-K-1st **NEW**
    Pattern Recognition Skills - Valentine Color by NumberNeed a simple, no prep, activity to practice pattern recognition skills for Valentine's Day? This fun and engaging worksheet is designed to reinforce pattern recognition skills while encouraging independent learning and critical thinking. Students decode the numbers based on completing a pattern, while the color by number activity refines fine motor skills. Also, you can check out our entire Winter Bundle!
  • Valentine's Day Word Searches Grades Any
    These word searches were created in their entirety using our free word search maker. You can download these premade word searches or make your own in seconds.
    Valentine's Day Word Search 1 Valentine's Day Word Search 2 Valentine's Day Word Search 3 Valentine's Day Word Search 4
    Keys: Key 1, Key 2, Key 3, Key 4
  • Valentine's Day Word Scrambles Grades Any
    These word scrambles were created in their entirety using our free word scramble maker. You can download these premade word scrambles or make your own in seconds.
    Valentine's Day Word scramble 1 Valentine's Day Word scramble 2 Valentine's Day Word scramble 3 Valentine's Day Word scramble 4
    Keys: Key 1, Key 2, Key 3, Key 4
  • Valentine's Day Cards, Coloring and Journal Pages
    Valentine's Day Cards     Valentine's Day Coloring Page     Valentine's Day Journal Page
  • More Valentine's Day Cards, Coloring and Journal Pages
    Print ready-made lined journal pages, printable Valentine's Day cards, and coloring pages to use in your classroom.
  • Animal Poetry Grades Any
    Day 1
    Have students create an animal totally out of hearts. Hearts can be folded in half if they need a straight edge, but everything must be a heart. i.e. eyes, feet, antenna, etc. I tell my kids the animal must be one that is living or has lived. No monsters, dragons, or aliens. I also try to get them to do different things. Everyone will want to do a butterfly because it's so easy. Also they can only use three different colors of construction paper. I set out white, red, pink, black, and purple if I have it.

    Day 2
    Students create a poem to go with their animal. I usually give them a choice of poems to choose from like Diamonte, Cinquain, Acrostic, ABC Poetry, and such. I've got overheads.

    Day 3
    After I have proof read the poems, we type them. When they print I tell them to cut out the poem and decorate the paper. They could do a border, color the paper, draw pictures around or running through the poem. Some have even cut the poem out in some kind of shape. They turn out cute.
    Submitted by: Debbie debjo@email-removed
  • Poetry Ideas Grades Any
    A collection of fun activities related to poetry.
    1. Let the kids put their picture on one side of a homemade valentine and the message on the other.
    2. Have the kids write lovely letters to their moms and dads and then mail them. Kids might enjoy the hug when they get home after parents get the mail.
    3. Take lines from poems and put on strips of paper and let kids figure out the order they go in.
    4. Take a poem and underline certain words and kids look up synonyms.
    5. Let them create poems for different types of jobs-they must use job-related words.
    6. Have a poetry contest at your school.
    Submitted by: Bob bobo54t@email-removed

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