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Find a fun activities and vocabulary lessons and puzzles to go with your "My Many Colored Days". Below you will find lesson ideas, an eating adventure, vocabulary, some puzzles and more to make this Dr. Seuss classic more exciting!

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  • What Colors Are Your Days? Grades Intermediate
    My Many Colored DaysProvide each student with one of the organizers. After reading the book, allow your students to plan their own "Many Colored Days". In their plan, students will list a color, a feeling and what they do with those feelings. Depending on the age of your students, you may want to use a specific example from the book to demonstrate the use of the organizer. Once students have completed their organizers they are ready to write and then illustrate. Illustrations can be created with a variety of art mediums on paper, or even electronically. When it comes to publishing their writing, there are a variety of ways they can share their wonderful work: student blogs/web site/wiki,an eBook App (Book Creator for iPad or iBooks Author), or a free web publishing site like Mixbook.
  • Many Colored Days Art Work Grades Various
    My Many Colored Days Sun CatcherThis is a fun art activity, especially for those younger students. You can either create sun catchers or a class book.) Each “day” in this book has a different color on which it focuses. Have students select one of the days and give them the corresponding shape and colored pieces of tissue paper. Provide students with the directions below on how to create their own art work. (Prior to this step, you will want to determine if students are making sun catchers or art work for a class book.) Once their work is complete their art work, it’s time to display. If you are creating a class book, you will want to mount the students’ art work to larger pieces of paper and then add the text. If you want to take a more simple approach, you can use only the person pattern and have students use multiple colors of tissue paper to create their sun catcher.
    My Many Colored Days People PatternMy Many Colored Days Horse PatternMy Many Colored Days Bird PatternMy Many Colored Days Bear PatternMy Many Colored Days Bee PatternMy Many Colored Days Owl PatternMy Many Colored Days Seal PatternMy Many Colored Days Fish PatternMy Many Colored Days Dinosaur PatternMy Many Colored Days Flamingo PatternMy Many Colored Days Wolf Pattern
    1. Provide the students with one of the shapes above copied onto either construction paper or tag board.
    2. Students will need to cut out the inside of the shape, leaving the marked edge and creating a “frame.”
    3. Provide students with pieces of tissue paper that correspond to the colors above. (If possible, try to provide different shades of each color.)
    4. In small bowls, mix equal parts of white Elmer’s glue with water.
    5. Students will lay their frame on a sheet of waxed paper.
    6. After tearing various sized/shaped pieces of tissue paper, they will dip the paper into the glue and water mixture.
    7. Slightly overlapping the pieces of paper, they will lay them on the inside of the frame. Be sure that they have tissue paper making contact with the inside edge of the frame.
    8. Once the sun catcher has completely dried, help the students peel off the waxed paper.
    9. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the frame for hanging.
    10. Finally, use yarn, string or fishing line to hang the sun catchers.

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