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McElligot's Pool activites and lessons
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Find a fun activities and vocabulary lessons and puzzles to go with the great Dr. Seuss classic "McElligot's Pool". Below you will find lesson ideas, vocabulary, some puzzles and more.

Your creativity can help other teachers! Submit your McElligot's Pool Activities. Don't forget to include the worksheets you use or a photo.

New Activities

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  • Aquatic Environments Grades Various
    The initial setting of this story is a pond. Throughout the book, a number of additional aquatic environments are introduced. This makes the book an excellent resource to launch a study on various aquatic elements. Here are some possible topics:
    • Where does your water come from? Research your local water supply.
    • Research the water cycle.
    • Research the difference between salt & fresh water environments.
    • Research various salt & fresh water creatures.
    • Research various aquatic ecosystems: rivers, ponds, tropical ocean, Arctic oceans, etc.
    • Have students create their own artwork/drawings of the creatures from the book.
    • Examine various “play on words” aquatic creatures: sea horse, hammerhead, etc.
    • Using a large wall/online map to locate and mark all of the various locations mentioned in the book.
  • Story Vocabulary Grades Various
    Rhyming vocabulary words from McElligot's Pool. Click to download, then print and use them in a variety of ways (or you can download just the list of all the McElligot's Pool vocab words).
    McElligot's Pool Vocab 1McElligot's Pool Vocab 2McElligot's Pool Vocab 3McElligot's Pool Vocab 4
    Here are a few ideas:
    • Provide a collection of the words and have students write their own story or poem.
    • Match the rhyming words
    • Sort/match synonyms and antonyms
    • Sort by nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
    • Sort by long vowel sounds
    • Sort by short vowel sounds
    • Sort by the base word – what has been added or what can be added to them (-ing,- ed, etc.)
    • Sort by tenses
    • Sort the nonsense words
  • Vocabulary Puzzles Grades Various
    McElligot's Pool Word SearchMcElligot's Pool Word Scramble
    Using the words in the vocab McElligot's Pool printables above, we created a word list for our puzzle makers. You can very quickly make a McElligot's Pool Word Search or McElligot's Pool Word Scramble. Make a puzzle in seconds by sliding down and clicking the generate button, or make these more fun by adding your own words (i.e. student or teacher names).

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