Memorial Day Activities and Lesson Plans

The Memorial Day seasonal pages will provide you with great resources to celebrate the kick-off to summer and commemorate those who gave their lives in the U.S. Military. Ideas within this section include: journal ideas, games, lesson plans, and more.

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New Activities

Memorial DayMemorial Day is a U.S. federal holiday commemorating the U.S. men and women who died while serving in the military. It is observed on the last Monday in May.

Memorial Day dates:
May 27, 2024
May 26, 2025
May 25, 2026

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Celebrate Freedom Hat Grades Elementary
Fun hat to create in honor of those who fought for our freedom.

Handprint Flag Grades Any
Fun art activity.

Mapping Your State's Role in the Vietnam War Grades 2-12
A map showing the hometowns of your state's victims of the Vietnam War creates a stunning visual reminder of the impact of war and the importance of remembering on Memorial Day those who sacrificed their lives so we might live freely.

Memorial Day Archive: Education World Grades Various
"Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. Education World celebrates this special holiday with activities, music, and Web-based ideas to help the children in your classroom understand Memorial Day's significance."

Memorial Day: Graphing Our History of Sacrifice Grades 3-12
Using an online graphing tool to graph America's history of war dead helps students understand the significance of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Shoebox Parade Grades 3-12
Students create a timeline of U.S. conflict and a Shoebox Memorial Day Parade to commemorate soldiers who fought for freedom.

The Memory Shall Be Ours: Celebrating Memorial Day Grades Various
Includes an Internet scavenger hunt and other activities.

Put the "Memory" Back in Memorial Day Grades Various
Learn about programs that stress the importance of remembering and honoring U.S. war veterans on that day.

Red, White & Blue Windsock
Creative way to show your American pride.

Teaching Citizenship’s Five Themes Grades K-6
These activities will help develop the five themes of citizenship -- honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage.

Thinking About Our Troops Grades K-12
A handful of ways for kids to connect with America's soldiers serving around the globe.

The Wall Inspires Letters to Veterans Grades K-12
Eve Bunting's moving book, The Wall, inspires students to write letters to veterans at local veterans' hospitals.

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