Spider Activities

FRIENDSHIP WEB: This is a game. I use it to encourage oral language for my special education class. Cut out a big round piece of butcher paper (black or orange for Halloween). Have the students sit around the paper on the floor. With a roll of white yarn in hand and after the student has expressed who they want to roll his/her ball of yarn to, ("I'm rolling this to my friend, John"), he/she will roll the yarn to the individual. Either another student or a helper will tape the yarn to the paper so that it is secure for the other player. After the game, you will have a friendship web to put up on a bulletin board and the class can decorate with spider crafts. The students love to see the web get bigger and more detailed!

PIN THE LEGS ON THE SPIDER: I use this with my special education preschooler, but you can adapt it to your class. Cut out of tag (black is my preferred color), the spider body. It is best to laminate, so it will last. Cut out strips of black tag or construction paper and laminate (8). On each leg I either put a number with coordinating spots or different spider or color stickers for each leg. I then match the body with the same objects. The students are then given a leg and asked to match it correctly. You could also use this for math facts. The answers are on the legs, with the questions on the spider body. To attach the leg to the body I put silly putty on the back side of the leg. It will come off easily if you laminate both body and legs.
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