Epitaphs for Halloween

Objectives: Learn what epitaphs are Research famous epitaphs on Internet Write Suggested Celebrity Epitaphs

Materials: Internet Cutouts of tombstones (one or two for each student)

Method: Group activity

1. Discuss what epitaphs are. You might want to bring in some poetic devices such as rhymes, similes, metaphors, alliteration.

2. Research epitaphs using the Internet. A good site is http://www.alsirat.com/epitaphs/qtot.erich.html or do a supervised search; there are lots of sites that have epitaphs, but you might want to look at them first!

3. In groups, write epitaphs for fictional characters, actors, singers, sports stars, famous people in history, or whatever categories you like. For example: DOROTHY: I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore! BOB BARKER: Come on Down! CAPTAIN KIRK: Beam me up Scotty...NOW!! CHEVY CHASE: Wonderful father and husband. He's on permanent vacation now. My students always like to write them for the principal and teachers.

4. Draw some simple tombstones, reproduce, and give one or two to each group. Students should put the epitaph on the tombstones and decorate with spider webs or whatever. You can either have them put the person's name on the front, or let everyone try to guess whose tombstone it is and put the name on the back. We always make a huge cemetery on the wall outside my classroom with all the tombstones and other Halloween decorations.
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