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Dear Me, on the Last Day of School

Hello, Me!

My school year just finished!
Did time seem to fly?
(Or did it drag slowly
as the days trudged on by?)

Do I remember
and my life way back then—
When I imagined my future
and picked up my pen?

I wrote some ideas
then stuffed them into
a "June" envelope
from me, sent to you.

I hope I enjoy
this trip to my past.
So, here's to my future:
Long may it last!


I enjoy reading from 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' and 'Light in the Attic' to my students each year. Intermediate students enjoy the rhythm, rhyme, and surprise elements of Shel Silverstein's poetry.

In the spirit of Shel Silverstein's poetry, I have written a new poem to read on the first day of school to my new class: "Dear Me On the Last Day of School".

Then, as a free write, I'll give my students a list of Sentence Starters to finish. (see below)

Students may choose to recopy my poem in their own handwriting, or staple a printed copy  of the poem to their written responses.

We'll fold our sheets to fit envelopes labeled with "June" and each student's name.

Sealed envelopes will be collected and stored until the last day of school. If a child moves away, I'll mail his or her "June" envelope to the new school at the end of the year. For 'move ins', I'll have extra copies available; we can easily change 'September' to another month.

Note: If your school year ends in a different month, it's easy enough to change "June" to "May"—or any other time of year.


Today's Date:

Last night I:

Last night I didn't:

This morning I:

This morning I didn't

I am most looking forward to:

I am not looking forward to:

This year I:

This year I won't:

If there's one thing I think I'll do this year, it's:

The best advice I can give myself is:

By June, I:

My signature:
Submitted by: Daphne Rice - Portland Oregon

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