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The Columbus Day seasonal pages will provide you with great resources to help your students learn about Christopher Columbus, his journey and why we celebrate this holiday. Ideas within the Columbus Day pages include: journal activities, lesson plans, and internet resources.

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Columbus DayColumbus Day is the celebration of Christopher Columbus's landing in America in 1492. In the U.S., it is observed on the 2nd Monday in October (except in California where it was removed from observed holidays by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2009).

Columbus Day dates:
October 14, 2024
October 13, 2025
October 12, 2026

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  • Columbus Day Center Grades 3-5
    Provide your students a fun center to help them learn about Columbus' journey.
    • a study sheet about Columbus's first Voyage containing 5 events to number in order
    • a map showing Columbus's route
    • black line drawings of his 3 ships
    • miscellaneous prints of sailing ships of the period
    • popsicle sticks
    • glue
    • small pieces of paper that fit the popsicle stick frame
  • Students read the data on the sheet and number the sentences in correct order and put sheet in folder or envelope. Sentences are:
    1. On Aug. 12, the men reach the Canary Islands. They stay until Sept. 6.
    2. On October 12, 1492, the ships land and Columbus goes ashore on San Salvador Island.
    3. On August 3, 1492, Columbus's three ships sail from Palos Spain.
    4. On Sept. 23, the men see a dove, but have not seen land for two weeks.
    5. On Sept. 30, the men have not seen land for three weeks.
    Students then draw one of Columbus's three ships on the small paper, color it, make a frame for it from the popsicles sticks, and glue the picture to the frame. Hang all the pictures on a bulletin board.
    Submitted by: Jimmi Berkey cberk@email-removed
  • Columbus Day Journal & Activity Pages
    FREE printable Columbus Day journal & activity pages. (PDF format)
  • Columbus Day Word Search
    Create your own or use our word list.

  • Columbus Day Word Scramble
    Create your own or use our word list.

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