Baseball Card Graph

Baseball Card Collector Graph (PDF Worksheet)

Directions: use the graph below to answer the questions.

  1. In which month did Brandon collect the most baseball cards?___________________________

  2. What is the sum of baseball cards collected in months that end in the letter “Y”?_______

  3. In which month did Brandon collect the least amount of baseball cards?____________________

  4. What is the range of baseball cards collected?

  5. What is the mean of all baseball cards collected?

  6. What is the median of all baseball cards collected for the year?

  7. Baseball Collector Graph Lesson
  8. How many cards were collected in the month of May?

  9. What month were you born? ___________________
    How many cards were collected in that month?____________________

  10. Is there a mode that stands out during the year that Brandon collected his cards? ___________
    How would you describe a mode in your own words? ______________________________________________________________________________

  11. What was the total collected for the months ending in “er”?_____________________________

Submitted by: Jill Cooke, Oak Hammock Middle, Ft. Myers, FL

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