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"Seasons" ... Ideas for a thematic unit

1. I had my students "adopt" a tree. The students then did bark rubbings, leaf rubbings, and drew pictures of their trees for how they look during each season.
Submitted by: Krista

2. I did a little something with the seasons pertaining to my apple unit this month. I read the story "The Seasons of Arnold's Apple tree" then for each season I had the kids make a tree mask with the way an apple tree appears in each of the four seasons.

In spring- blossoms; summer- large green leaves; autumn- large ripe apples; winter- bare snow covered branches which were all glued on top of a brown construction paper shaped tree trunk with holes cut for eyes & mouth and a straw to hold it up to the face. After the story we did the first season of spring and then did the other three one a day for the next few days.
Submitted by: Pam

3. Divide a paper into 4ths and have the same plain bare branch tree on each part. The kids then label and decorate each tree for the season. I have all kinds of junk supplies for them to decorate with....yarn, cotton balls, etc.
Submitted by: Barbara

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